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Independent living services

What Are the Five Core Services?

Every Center for Independent Living is required to provide five core services. These services include:

In addition to the five core services, we also provide the following:

What Is an Independent Living Specialist?

When you call LINC, you will likely talk with an Information and Referral Specialist, who will gather more information about your needs and goals. If you need support or resources beyond information and referral, you will be connected with an Independent Living (IL) Specialist. An IL Specialist is responsible for working with all ages and types of people with disabilities in setting and maintaining goals to become independent or maintain one’s independence in the community.

What Is an Independent Living Plan?

An Independent Living Plan, or ILP, is a plan that identifies an individual with a disability's goals, and describes how that individual with achieve those goals with various levels of support from their Center for Independent Living. ILP's can include goals like securing housing, finding a job, going to school, or advocating for certain services, like in-home care. The goals in an ILP are set by the individual, and the individual is responsible for working toward achieving those goals, often times with help. 

What Is Consumer Control?

Unlike many organizations or agencies that provide services, CILs are unique in that we empower people with disabilities to set their own goals and take their own action to achieve those goals. IL Specialists will support an individual in taking action, if necessary. Ultimately, the consumer is in control.

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