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Life transitions

General Transition Services

We believe that every individual has the right to choose where they live. For many Idahoans with disabilities, there is a real risk of being institutionalized because of a lack of services. Some Idahoans find themselves in an institutional setting, like a nursing home, and want to transition back into their own home in the community.

LINC has certified transition managers through the Idaho Home Choice program who can help Idahoans who currently reside in institutional settings transition back into the community. We can also support efforts to transition a person from being un-housed to stable, long-term housing by providing a ramp, assistive technology, durable medical equipment, or independent living life skills training.

Youth Transition Services

We understand the difficulty young Idahoans with disabilities face. There’s a lot that goes into life after school – securing safe housing, finding and keeping a job, securing transportation, accessing services, becoming a self-advocate – and it all may seem overwhelming. We assist teens and adolescents with disabilities (ages 16-26) to help them attain their desired level of independence. This program can also teach valuable skills that will prepare youths for living in their community.

If you have a question or need more information, call (208) 336-3335 or email

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