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independent living skills training

The purpose of independent living skills training is to empower individuals with disabilities to live the life of our choosing, both in the home and in the community.

Training Topics

The following are examples of independent living skills training: 

  • Money Management

    • Budgeting Skills

    • Comparison Shopping

    • Managing Checking or Savings Accounts

  • Household Management

    • Meal Planning

    • Cooking Skills

    • Cleaning and Laundry Skills

    • Household Safety

    • Personal Hygiene

  • Consumer Control

    • Self-advocacy

    • Assertiveness Skills

    • Strategy for Obtaining Community Services

  • Employment Preparation

    • Preparing a Resume

    • Preparing for Interviews

    • Becoming Familiar with Employment Opportunities

  • Organizational Skills

    • Scheduling

    • Alternatives for Memory Loss

    • Creative Problem Solving

  • Utilizing Community Transportation

    • Transportation Options

    • Using the Available Options



Our program is designed to meet individual needs and build on the strengths of participants. Consumers are responsible for establishing their personal goals, deciding which method of training will work best for them, and when and where to receive the training (evening hours via Zoom vs. daytime in-person, for example.) We tailor trainings to meet individual needs and can deliver training in various format: one-on-one training, peer networking, or group training with Independent Living Specialists are formats of training that are available.

Much of our training curriculum is drawn from the "Healthy Community Living" curriculum developed by the University of Montana's Research & Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities.

If you have a question or need more information, call (208) 336-3335 or email

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