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driver training & disabiilty

Learning to drive and enjoying the benefits of owning a personal vehicle are an important milestone in any young person's life. Access to a drivers license and vehicle can also be essential for the young and old alike to access school, education, and civic engagement opportunities. Having the ability to drive is even more important in a state where public transportation is extremely limited, especially in rural areas.


Unfortunately, driver training and education resources are nearly nonexistent for Idahoans with disabilities - especially mobility-related disabilities. There are no private driving schools that have the training or vehicles to meet the needs of different disabilities, and no rehabilitation programs exist that provide BOTH basic driver training (for those who have never had a license) AND training to use adaptive gear, like hand gear or a left gas pedal, for example.

If you have a disability AND you have had a drivers license, but need training on adaptive driving equipment, contact St. Luke's Driver Training Program.

If you are a person with a disability in need of driver training and education, please let us know. Please complete this driver training needs survey today!

More Info? 

If you have question or need more information, call Jeremy Maxand at (208) 336-3335 ext. 223 or email

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