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Access Means Business

At LINC, access literally means business. The ability to hire employees with disabilities can strengthen and diversify Idaho businesses. For individuals with disabilities, the ability to secure and maintain employment can mean greater access to opportunities and a higher quality of life. Most important, it means being able to live independently in your own home and community. The economic impact of disability is real. As individuals with disabilities, we travel, shop, and recreate with friends, family, and coworkers. In the US alone, adults with disabilities have a total disposable income of $490 billion. Globally, that's $1.9 trillion. 

For Businesses

As a Center for Independent Living, we support local businesses to be more accessible and welcoming to individuals with disabilities. Some of the services and support we can provide include:

  • Technical assessments of accessibility of facilities, programs, and services

  • Disability etiquette training

  • Support providing an ADA accommodation

For Employees & Job Seekers

For individuals with disabilities who are currently employed or seeking employment, we can support you in several ways, including:

  • Pre-employment skills training

  • Benefits counseling

  • Setting up an ABLE account

  • Self-Advocacy and Leadership Training

  • Support requesting a reasonable accommodation

For additional resources on disability and employment, check out the Job Accommodation Network (JAN).  

More Info? 

If you have a question or need more information, call (208) 336-3335 or email

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