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Temporary ramps

Disability can happen to any of us at any time. For those individuals who are newly disabled or simply age into a disability, being able to continue to access our homes can become a serious problem. A single step can prevent an individual from safely and comfortably accessing their home.

​LINC operates a temporary ramp program to ensure Idahoans with disabilities can safely access their home while insurance is processed and your permanent ramp is being scheduled for installation. If you do not have insurance, LINC may be able to help you find resources to have a permanent ramp build.

Accessing Existing Services

The first thing we will do is help you determine if you are eligible for a ramp through your private insurance, Medicaid/Medicaid, or the VA. If you are eligible, you must be actively accessing or enrolling in these resources to secure a permanent ramp solution. We do not loan temporary ramps to individuals who are eligible for insurance resources but do not use them.

Temporary Ramps

If you are eligible for a temporary ramp from LINC (see criteria below), then we will work with you to have a temporary ramp installed. Keep in mind that we may not have a ramp system that will work in every situation.

Am I Eligible? 

If you answer YES to the following, then you are eligible for a temporary ramp from LINC:

  • I have a permanent disability that impacts my mobility and my ability to safely get in and out of my home.

  • If I have or am eligible for insurance (private, Medicaid/Medicare, VA) I am actively working to become enrolled and/or am accessing ramp resources through my insurance provider.

  • I cannot afford to rent a temporary ramp from a private business.

Building Permanent Ramps

For some individuals who do not have insurance and cannot afford to build a permanent ramp, LINC will work with Boise Habitat for Humanity to build a permanent ramp (Boise area only.)

More Info? 

If you have a question or need more information, call (208) 336-3335 or email

Program Supporters:

This program is made possible because of support from MolinaCares Accord.

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